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If it’s not broke don’t fix it.


“If it’s not broke don’t fix it” was the cry of many of my online writing peers this week.

Inkpop!” the online social writing blog established by Harper Collins, this week announced its collaboration with a similar site ““. The publishing company had established the blogging site “Inkpop!” and were successful in their aims to garner new talent from the world wide web users, as mentioned in a previous post.

However, this lead to controversy among writers who were worried about the copyright of their works. It appears that Figment, allows users to copy the text of the stories that are available on the site. This revelation lead to a number of users removing their stories from the site. This highlights the level of awareness that one has to have about them when they go about publishing anything on the web. It also says something about the level of trust that we have in our peers. The movie piracy advert springs to mind – You wouldn’t steal a purse”, “You wouldn’t steal a car” why should you steal intellectual property.

The writers that publish on these sites, do so the gain confidence, to explore a hidden talent and to get feedback. Stealing or copying, as the case may be, means that you are fooling no one but yourself. And in the end there is no way that you could recreate something that someone else put the whole of their heart into.

As a user of a number of online social media writing websites – Wattpad and Booksie to name a few, I was rather impressed with the layout of the website, easily accessible, maneuverable and has an up to date interface. As of yet I do not have any of my own works on Inkpop! therefore I have not chosen to move over to Figment, and will not be posting anything on the site until this copying issue is resolved. We are all using these sights for the same reason – we enjoy reading, writing or both! Do not be the person that discourages good writers from sharing their work with the world.

I would also call on others that use these sites to use good moral judgement when they are reading the stories, if you would not like it to happen to you do not to this to others.


Growing Popularity of E-publishing Websites


Over the last few months, my interest in websites which allow users to publish their own stories, cost free and at their own pace has grown bigger, and almost into an addiction.

This addiction can be solely contributed to Wattpad. I am on Wattpad practically 24/7 thanks to the fact that my iPod receives automated emails everytime one of my favourite stories has been updated. Even when I do go out I am not without it, having stored my all-time favourite and current reads on my handheld device – both my phone and my iPod – (in case I run out of battery, obviously!)

I enjoy using Wattpad because of the sense of community that the site harbours and encourages. Getting your work recognised, creating a loyal and helpful fan-base and ultimately gaining new friends.

This website allows writers to gauge reaction to their stories and allows their confidence in their own abilities to grow. Not only is it a haven for writers, but for readers and budding publicists, illustrators and editors.

Today I came across this article online about the growth of Wattpad in the last five years, and it made me smile. I smiled because it made me realize just how important Wattpad has become to other people. When I started researching this kind of stuff last year I was skeptical as to whether there was enough power in such an industry to draw hard-core book lovers over to this new phenomenon! Now, I must say I cannot remember a time that I have actually read a proper book, with a cover and pages, and that new book smell. But I cannot say that I miss it thanks to the unlimited amount of talented authors that Wattpad has to offer.

We must look to websites like Wattpad, Booksie and FictionPress, as well as a host of others, that there really is too many to name of at this time, as the way of the future. For those of you skeptics that say they will never waiver from their faith in books I challenge you to find a reason not to accept ebooks and sites like this. Email is the new postal system, mp3s the new cassette or cd – depending on your generation.

Accepting ebooks, Wattpad or other sites like it does not mean turning your back on traditional methods of reading, it does not mean turning your back on the publishing industry, it is just another branch on a huge tree that leads you in the end to one ultimate goal – publishing your story, getting noticed, reading a great book. It is not meant to detract from the enjoyment of age old traditional, past-time that is reading just enhance the experience.

A Media Revolution


The internet has come a long way from its humble beginnings. Constantly introducing new elements to enhance its own uses as well as enhancing old media, such as books etc. as has been explored in my Personal Project.  Recently, I was shown the video below by a friend, and after watching it I am more sure than ever that new media is not just a fad. It has infiltrated its way into too many areas of every day life to disappear. The video is based on a new book by Erik Qualman called: Socialnomics . More interesting information can be found on the website: .

This video illustrates how widespread, diverse and popular the internet has become.

Hello world!


Hello Blogging World! (And anyone else out there who might be reading this!). Just a few lines to let you know what’s happening here. This blog is for commenting and reviewing literature that I will be reading in my seminar, as mentioned in the “About” section. This is my very first blog and I cannot wait to get blogging!