My name is Emma Donovan. I am currently in my final year of studying for a B.A in University College Cork. This is my first blog. It was created in relation to a seminar that I am taking with The School of English in UCC. This seminar is titled: “Textuality: Texts, Technotexts and Hypertexts”. This blog will be used to review literature that I will have to read as part of the coursework. The blog will not only feature reviews of the literature that I have to read for class but will also consist of reviews that I find relative to the course and to my Personal Project. I chose this class because the I was fascinated by the description of in the course booklet:

“From stone tablets, through papyri, to ‘apps’ for mobile phones the page is continuously changing and changing how we read and write. This course will introduce students to a range of  critical concepts concerning the text in new media. Key theories of textual transmission will also be explained in a practical way by introducing students to methods of creating texts and managing content in digital media. Topics will include; HTML – Hyper Text Markup Language; XML – Extensible Markup Language; TEI – Text Encoding Initiative; (the international standard for markup in the humanities) and digital project management. No previous experience is required!”

I have always been interested in media; reading, writing, music, television etc. and there is no doubt that the face of media is changing everyday. In the last twenty years, I have lived through new ways; to watch television: bigger screens, better quality, more and more channels to choose from; to listen to music: the tape deck, the portable CD player, the mp3 player all came and went.

The one constant that has been in my lifetime has been the print media. The idea that at one time this was the new, life changing form of media, only to be replaced by new media that we know and love today. This was not some thing that I had thought about before taking this class. Yet the changing face of media is something that is becoming more and more relevant today. The publishing world is changing and adapting to this new media. Ebooks and blogs are wriggling their way into the hearts of bookworms all over the world. Even in education electronic/interactive boards are taking the place of traditional white/black boards.

As an avid reader, an occasional writer and social network addict I have to say that I am aware of the benefits of the internet on literature. Whether you are using it to check your local library, to read an e-book, to take a  correspondence course or to communicate with others who share similar interests on a forum or social network the internet is a big place that offers something for everyone!


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