A Media Revolution


The internet has come a long way from its humble beginnings. Constantly introducing new elements to enhance its own uses as well as enhancing old media, such as books etc. as has been explored in my Personal Project.  Recently, I was shown the video below by a friend, and after watching it I am more sure than ever that new media is not just a fad. It has infiltrated its way into too many areas of every day life to disappear. The video is based on a new book by Erik Qualman called: Socialnomics . More interesting information can be found on the website: socialnomics.net .

This video illustrates how widespread, diverse and popular the internet has become.


About Emma's Blog

Today I am a Master of Arts graduate with English from University College Cork, Ireland. Texts and Contexts: Medieval and Renaissance English, to be exact. I originally started blogging as a Final Year Arts student studying for a B.A in English and History. Admittedly, I wandered from my blog over the past year, only dropping notes here and there, when something intrigued me hopefully I will be a more dedicated blogger in time to come, but that is the beauty of blogging.

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